Homeschool Transcripts and Public Schools

Homeschooling Article by Smanuva123




Two families, dual students, same question, same answer.

A mother called me for twin help. Her daughter homeschooled for dual years, regulating Alpha Omega LifePacs as well as Weaver Curriculum for 9th as well as 10th grade. Once her daughter got up to class level, she longed for her to go behind to open school. She asked me how to get her homeschool twin supposed by the open tall school.

Today the father called me for twin help. His daughter homeschooled for the single year, regulating Alpha Omega Switched upon Schoolhouse during 9th grade. Now he wants his daughter to go behind in to open school, as well as asked how to get his homeschool twin accepted.

They both got the same answer: there is no pledge which the open tall propagandize will accept the credits the homeschool transcript. Its really easy to lift the kid out of open propagandize to homeschool them. It